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Ok, friends, bear with me for a moment as the most unlikely person to talk about shopping talks a little bit about shopping.  Now, most of the time when I’m shopping I’m looking for tools or supplies to do what I do. For tools, sometimes I require quality.  This is particularly true of abrasives and items I typically work hard. I need these things to do their job and to last. But more generally, I’m looking for a bargain because there are very few tools that I don’t modify for the job at hand.  Honestly, they don’t make the exact right tools for what I do because there’s not enough people doing it to create the market and demand. So I buy a bargain and create the tools I need from a pre-formed base.

But when it comes to art and jewelry, in general, I’m turned off by the mass produced stuff out there.  Yes, mass production does make for more affordable luxuries, but for me, and my crew here at R&K Ohana, art and ornamentation is a personal thing.  When you see the right thing, it sings because it expresses something either to you or about you. None of us really walks with the crowd and we all like different things.  We don’t tend to buy art or jewelry that is pumped out by the thousands by a mega-corporation. We find those items, on a personal level, to be sterile and unmoving. I suspect that if you are reading this blog and follow our page, that you also feel the same way.  Like us, you probably see art as a form of self-expression and know that you aren’t your neighbor. If we all express ourselves the same, then there’s a whole lot of redundancy and the world becomes a boring place. Don’t be boring. Be yourself, express yourself. In the immortal words of Shock-G and the Digital Underground , “Everybody doowutchyalike.”  

All this to say, you should come out and see us (and other artists and artisans) this coming Saturday, October 13th at Austin Flea.  We’ll be outside of the Whole Foods market at Arbor trails (4301 William Cannon) from 10 to 4.

Hey Francis!  Let’s go play pin the chicken on the weasel...

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