I’m not Jack Sparrow, I’m Pirate Wren...AKA Wednesday

I am the evil pirate, Captain Wren, and a very evil pirate too!  Ok, I’m not a pirate anymore. And I was never the Captain. First mate, maybe.  So, a little bit about me. First, I gots skills. Lots and lots of skills. I can both read and write.  I write so well, I published a booklet when I was 13. But despite my success in writing, I decided to go a different direction and ran away to join the circus when I was 15.  By circus, I mean our local renaissance faire. I ran away, with permission, to learn a trade. So, I started making stuff out of leather. Custom leather corsets to be exact. And I just love the fact that people come to me to get all tied up in leather.  Of course, there’re all sorts of accessories that go with that. Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge. Know what I mean?

By the time I was 18, I was closing down the local bar every night and by 19, I was employed in a life of piracy at the local Aquarium.  

Now I’ve joined forces with Francis…….get away from the keyboard, Francis.  This is my turn at the blog. Back! I say. As I was saying, I’ve joined forces with Francis here and am now partnered with R&K Ohana Sales producing art and humor for the e-Quips line.  I do other stuff too, lots of other stuff. Important stuff. Administrative stuff. Creative stuff. And I do my best to keep Francis in line, but Francis can be a handful.

No!  Francis!  Back! Put my keyboard down!  …


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