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I’m just a gigalo, and everywhere I go, people know the part I’m playing.  Paid for every dance, selling each romance. Oh, what they say. What do they say, my precious?  So, now that I have your attention, let me ask you, who’s voices did you hear in your head as you read that?  The first part, was it David Lee Roth? the Village People? Louis Prima? Louis Armstrong? Bing Crosby? Someone else?  The second part, I know who you heard, gollum.

I’m Myk, and I like to move it, move it.  I move it to the left and I move it to the right.  If you keep up with this blog, you know that Wren joined the circus lite.  By lite, I mean she stayed local. When I ran away and joined the circus, the renaissance faire, I joined the circuit and traveled with it; learning to bark at the moon en route.  I’ve broken horses and herded cattle in my adventures, and in turn been broken by horses and devastated by a camel’s toe to my knee. Watch out, they spit too. Oh! Yo ho ho, a life of high adventure was for me.  But alas! Those days may be done. But all is not for naught, though it may be for the naughty or the knotty. Though maybe if we were to talk about what is not naughty for a naughty knot…

Now I work heavily with R&K Ohana Sales to bring you the best Zomby Head products.  Because if there’s one thing I know, it’s Zomby Heads and what they like. And if there’s one thing they like, that’s Francis.  Am I right, or am I right? Right, Francis?

No! Francis!  I didn’t say rite, I said right!  Put the eye of newt back in the newt!  Poor newt. Now we have 3 partially blind newts running around in circles because they can only see on one side.  Talk about a spin cycle! And put the cauldron up! It’s not laundry day, and we’re under a burn ban anyway.

Ok! Ok!  Francis, go talk to Russ, I’m sure you can have a turn at the blog next week...

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