Hi! My name is Katie, and I’m THE domestic goddess

You have probably noted that we here at R&K Ohana are a little bit eclectic… and don’t take ourselves too seriously.  It’s true. But it’s also true that we take our mission (see our About Us section for details) very seriously and that’s why we don’t take much else seriously.  If we were serious, we couldn’t do what we do. Whatever it is that we do. Sometimes, we’re just not sure.

Hi!  I’m Katie and I’m the domestic goddess, matriarch of this ohana, and founder of RustiKraft, R&K Ohana Sales, LLC, and eQuips (and maybe a couple of others). I like chocolate, all things crafty and craftsy, good food, good books, and Francis...we mustn’t  forget Francis. It’s been a long and arduous journey, filled with fun and adventure. Hmm. Fun and adventure. Note how those two words play as opposites? No wonder the Hobbits tried to steer clear of adventure!

So, anyway.  I followed Russ to this dimension about a year after he arrived on planet, we met up in the latter days of High School, and have been together ever since.  Except when we weren’t. But we still were, even though we weren’t. See, while he was off military adventuring, I was back home keeping the ohana together and semi-sane...but sanity is a subjective thing.  So we were together, just not together. Capiche?

My interests are ohana, art, Francis, herbology, and aromatherapy.  You might ask, regarding art, about my media. The answer is yes. Regarding herbology, I’m constantly studying.  And aromatherapy, I’m certified. I studied under Martin Watt in the program he helped design for nurses in the British NHP.

Now, I know if you’ve been following this blog, you want to know more about Francis and what Francis was about to do.  Me too. Don’t get me wrong, I know Francis about as well as Russ. I mean about as well as Russ knows Francis, not as well as I know Russ.  What I can tell you is that Francis has been trying to start Francis’s own blog. The Emperor has stopped Francis for now, but the art medium says it won’t be long until Francis starts to take over our blog.  This blog. Lord have mercy upon us all. Dear us.

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