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It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood,

A beautiful day for a neighbor.

Would you be mine?

Could you be mine?...

What’s the matter?  Never thought you’d hear Francis the Friendly Demon singing along with Mr. Rogers?  The optics aren’t what you’d expect? I may be about the metal...shoot I am metal...but Mr. Rogers is about peace, hope, and love...and I am too.  And that is why I asked Emperor if I could pen this week’s blog. This week, was a special week for us. We didn’t do a whole lot of business or work.  We weren’t charging forward building the Empire for the Emperor and Domestic Goddess. Instead, we were celebrating life. Some would say it was the balance part of our work/life balance.  

Mr. Rogers says that often when you feel you are at the end of something, you’re really at the beginning of something else.  Well, we have a couple members of our team who are definitely at a transition time. They’ve got a marriage on the horizon, as well as a baby on the way.  And so we took this time to bring the families together and have a large celebration of life in the form of a baby shower.

Now, I’ve been around for a while, but I’ve never really figured out why you would want to put a baby in the shower before it’s even born.  I guess it’s a human thing. Anyway, we had a blast. We filled the house with people until it was standing room only. Many of the male humans abandoned house to hang out in the workshops and creative spaces, but I stayed behind to enjoy the festivities.  Thankfully, Emperor wasn’t around me with his annoying magnets. And the children weren’t playing pin the skin on the Francis. Instead we played baby bingo and loaded up the winners on sweets. We also loaded up the losers on sweets. And the children. Sweets for everyone.  We also played baby alphabet, baby mad-libs, and all this while enforcing a rule of not saying “baby.” Why, we even had Justin Bieber’s “Baby” song going on sing-along for that last rule. Finally, we raffled off a beautiful e-Quips mug featuring an abstract, stained-glass butterfly.  

A good time was had by all, like most days in the Ohana.  Life is sweet. Tune in next week as Emperor intends to talk about some of the processes he uses in his art.

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