Francis Loves the Little Children

Russ Jones

Francis loves the little children,

All the children of the world…and the children love Francis...

Despite the gloomy forecast calling for massive storms, strong winds, and mighty weather destruction all day, it was a beautiful Texas fall day in Austin.  Light rain shower right after getting everything set up and then it all blew over.

It was a great day and fun was had by all.  Steady Saturday morning traffic on the way to and from Wholefoods made the day pleasant and our Ohana made many friends.  Though, everybody but Francis will admit the smells of cooking made it difficult to concentrate on anything but good food.  And what goes better with good food than good wine? Oh! The squirrels we could chase with good food and wine, but alas! We had to make due with snacks until after the event.  Oh! The punishment.

We met some great and interesting people.  Emperor got to talk shop with a few folks, Domestic Goddess domestic goddessed with folks, and the Ohana ohanaed.  Francis spent quality time with human children. Francis is very good with children.  Unlike their adult companions, children rarely express fear of Francis.  They come up and feel Francis’ eye sockets and stick their hands in Francis’ mouth and are generally just fascinated with Francis.  Many times it looks like they’re telling Francis all their secrets. And knowing Francis, Francis is probably telling your secrets to the children.

Francis would like to thank Austin Flea for the opportunity to meet so many people.  R&K Ohana plans on continuing our relationship with Austin Flea. While we will not be able to make all the events, we will be at many.  Check for other venues and events for handmade items in the local area.  Visit often, we just might be at an event near you. And with an expanding line of handmade products you can check our catalogs for things you might want.  

No Francis, we’re not having more children for you to play with.  You’ll have to play with the grandkids.

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